Your guide to Barbados do’s and don’ts!

Barbados is arguably one of the dreamiest holiday destinations in the world. Whilst it looks (and is) incredibly heavenly, it’s important to do the research to keep you safe and away from trouble before boarding your plane.

To make it as easy as possible, and from our expert knowledge of the country, we’ve complied a handy list of Barbados do’s and don’ts


  • Do pack sea shoes! A great way to protect your feet from sea urchins, sharp reefs/rocks, and any animals that may be nesting in the surf/sand.
  • Do indulge in all of the fabulous food the island has to offer. See ….. (link) for our top restaurant recommendations.
  • Do go snorkelling. Not only does Barbados have one of the largest turtle populations, but its waters are beautifully clean and crystal clear. 
  • Do drive on the left!
  • Do carry mosquito repellent – it’s needed for sure, even indoors!


  • Don’t wear camouflage – it’s actually illegal! This is due to camouflage being warn by the Barbados Defence Force, and so any members of the public wearing it could cause panic and confusion. 
  • Don’t take lots of leather items. For one thing, it’s extremely unformatalbe to wear under the Caribbean sun, but for another the heat can cause flaking/mould. 
  • Don’t sunbathe topless. Barbados is a fairly conservative country, and bathing topless is classed as an offence. 
  • Don’t disturb the sea turtles. Swimming with the turtles is amazing, but don’t touch them if you see them nesting in the sand. 
  • Don’t approach the monkeys. They are protective of their babies and food, so can often become aggressive if they feel threatened.
  • Don’t swim on the East Coast. Although this area is stunning, the sea is rather dangerous and rough. Stick to the South or West Coasts for swimming and snorkelling. 
  • Don’t dive without a marker. Water activities are incredibly popular in Barbados, and having a marker will let others know of your location. 
  • Don’t sit underneath a ripe coconut tree. It’s said the falling coconuts kill c.150 people per year, and whilst this is difficult to confirm, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Don’t touch/eat Manchineel fruit, or sit under a Manchineel tree. The fruit is extremely poisonous, and the tree sap can cause blisters or even blindness. Many Manchineel trees on Barbados beaches have a warning sign on them or are painted with a red ring, but not all.
  • Don’t light a fire on the beaches. Whilst some countries are relaxed with beach BBQs, this isn’t something that is appreciated in Barbados.
  • Don’t stroll along deserted beaches at night. Whilst the West Coast is one of the safest areas, crime can still occur. So be safe and stick to private beaches if possible for those moonlit strolls. 

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Happy travels!

The Dream Villas team

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