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At The Dream Villas we are firm believers in giving back to the beautiful island of Barbados, as well as the local community. With that being said, we felt it was important to donate monthly towards the award-winning I Am A Girl charity in order to support and boost girls’ confidence, mental health, and general wellbeing.

I Am A Girl exists to inspire young girls to take control of their own destinies, and provides equal opportunities for them to create a positive change. I Am A Girl also aim to build a strong sisterhood, in which girls can find friends and supporters for life, both locally and regionally.

Alian Ollivierre, the Founder and Executive Director of I Am A Girl Barbados, said…

“The core of I Am A Girl’s work is to provide opportunities for girls, aged 5-18, to lead and create positive change. Their approach is to ensure that they do this “with and for” girls so that they ultimately feel powerful, proud and protected, along their journey from adolescence to adulthood. Part of their strategy for achieving this is building capacity through girl-centric programming, and providing resources for personal upliftment and educational development.”

“As such, the support being offered by Diane and The Dream Villas Barbados team, has been instrumental in I Am A Girl’s monthly Food and Hygiene Bank distribution, Capacity Building, Mental Health Support, Financial Literacy, and in recent times our Emergency Intervention services.”

We’re so proud to be working alongside such a wonderful charity, and hope to continue supporting them for many years to come.

To make donations, and learn more about the programs and projects, head over to I Am A Girl.

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