What to pack for a Barbados vacation

So you’ve booked your trip to Barbados, hopefully with The Dream Villas Barbados, and you’re now faced with the dreaded packing saga… If you’re wondering what to pack for a Barbados vacation, we’re here to help!

Check out our list of essentials below!

Essential packing items for a Barbados vacay:

Clothing items:

  • Day to day clothing – flowy dresses, cotton/linen shirts, loose pants/trousers, denim shorts, skirts, etc. All of the usual suspects when visiting a hot country.
    • TIP: Don’t bring any camouflage clothing! Head over to our Barbados Do’s & Don’ts blog to find out why camo print is a big ‘no, no’, and actually against the law in Barbados!
  • Evening wear – definitely bring a couple of outfits that will help you dress to impress! Some of the islands most prestigious restaurants, bars, and clubs have dress codes, so be sure to have couple smart-casual outfits up your sleeve.
  • Swimwear – it goes without saying that you’re like to spending a lot of time in the water – the sea is irresistible, and pools inviting! Be sure to bring a couple of bikinis, swimming costumes, swim shorts, and the like!
  • Cover ups – Barbados is a fairly relaxed country when it comes to modesty – but a few areas will expect you to wear cover ups when walking home from the beaches.
  • Footwear – arguably the most difficult items to pack (there’s just so much choice!). We’d recommend a trusty pair of flip-flops/sliders, comfortable trainers, a few pairs of heels, and some smart dress shoes – you can’t go wrong!
    • TIP: sea shoes also come in handy when visiting some West Coast beaches.
  • Sunhat & sunglasses – perfectly practical accessories for any vacation outfit.

The Practical items:

  • Raincoat – don’t be fooled by the glorious sunshine you see all over instagram! Barbados has a tropical climate, so can rain from time to time. Don’t worry though, for the most part the weather is beautiful, and even if it does rain it’ll still be warm. We think the odd rain shower just adds to the island experience!
  • Adapter – a key item if you’re visiting Barbados from a European country.
  • Sunscreen – wearing SPF is now part of many peoples daily skincare routine, so be sure to keep it up when you’re basking under the Caribbean sun!
  • Bug spray – trust us, you won’t want to forget this! Mosquitos are pretty common in Barbados, so being equipped with bug spray will save you from their pesky, irritating bites.
  • A camera – you’re going to want to preserve your amazing memories forever, right? So we’d definitely recommend taking a camera, whether that’s your iPhone, a fancy professional camera, or a disposable.
  • Beach bag – a typical ‘mum’ item to bring. But you’ll be thanking her later!

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Happy travels!

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